New ladies Back to Running course starting at Rugby Ladies Running Group (part of Rugby & Northampton Athletic Club).

This 9 week course is aimed at ladies who are looking to get back into running after some time out and who can comforably run for 10 minutes without stopping. Whether you wish to complete in your first 5K or dream of running a marathon, we can help you.

The Ladies Running Group, now in our 11th year, is a recreational running group suitable for ladies of any age, size and ability. Our reputation has been built on helping ladies achieve their running goals in a fun, supportive and friendly environment. Over 1000 Rugby ladies have completed our courses and many have gone on to run beyond 5K to run 10K, half, full and ultra marathons! But there is no pressure to go beyond 5K - you run at YOUR pace, YOUR way, for YOU

Event details and schedule

Our 2020 Back to Running starts on Saturday 14th March. Saturday's session is repeated twice in the week - come to as many sessions as you can. All sessions are included in the course fee:

  • Saturday 10.15am
  • Monday 6.30pm
  • Wedneday 6.30pm

Coached by experienced female coaches who will build gradually up to 5K over 9 weeks.  

Organised by

Rugby & Northampton AC

Bruce Williams Way, Rugby

Phone: 01788 579828

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